Therapy Courses

A therapy course consists of a number of therapy sessions (usually between 5 and 12)

  • Sessions last up to ninety minutes, depending on the work to be done in each session.
  • The course begins with gathering information both out of  and in hypnosis.  Blending together the information you are aware of with the often hidden information in the subconscious provides rapid insight to the conflicts which are contributing to the difficulties you are experiencing.
  • Techniques taken from NLP, CBT and TA are used throughout therapy.  These techniques will also be provided in written form so you have a record of the methods used to produce the changes.

A course of therapy often costs less than a week’s holiday, but you gain the benefits of therapy for the rest of your life; increased self knowledge and self esteem, increased confidence and success in every area of your life. These are yours, no matter what area you choose to focus on.

Therapy can help many problems and can be designed around a specific difficulty, such as a fear of flying or weight control, or it can be more general, such as anxiety or lack of confidence.  Or therapy can be designed for you to find out more about yourself, increasing your hidden strengths through awareness and acceptance of them, and erasing those learned beliefs and behaviors which hold you back because you are unaware of their effects on you.

Therapy is a course of discovery and learning that is tailored to the needs of the individual.  To make it cost effective, there is no set number of sessions, although as a guide, most people complete between 5 and 12 sessions.  Generally, it is the individual themselves that decides how many sessions feels right for them, based on the achievement of the outcome they require.

Therapy is designed specifically for the individual’s personality and requirements, taken from a number of Counseling and Psychotherapy traditions, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).   Hypnotherapy is often used because it is a very effective way of focusing and finding information that is hidden from conscious awareness, but is necessary to know for improvements to take place.

Where suggestion is used in hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapy will be recorded on to a CD, allowing the desired improvements to continue to be built upon over time.

Most people say they really enjoy the experience of therapy, particularly the recognition that what they are learning about themselves.  The methods and techniques taught within the course of therapy allow you to become more confident and self assured and more successful in every area of your life.



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